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Professional Practice in the Arts


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Professional Practice in the Arts

Jenny Dowd

Good business is the best art. -Andy Warhol  

In just a few weeks I will be teaching Professional Practice in the Arts for Central Wyoming College at the Jackson campus.

I am looking forward to this class more and more as it approaches. While helping my students set short and longterm goals, learn the process of portfolio and application preparation, brush up resumes, statements, learn about social media tools... I need to be sharp! I keep thinking about all those things I thought I'd get to over the winter, computer file organization / streamlining, editing and organizing images... I even have boxes of old slides to weed through and digitize. 

As with all classes I teach, I have the opportunity to learn along with my students. So, I'll be setting goals for myself while brushing up on all the topics we will cover. I'm excited for the questions that will be brought to the class and I have high hopes for my students (and myself) during the 5-week crash course. 

I picked up a great book that I think might help form part of my approach: Better Living Through Criticism: How to think about Art, Beauty, Pleasure and Truth by A.O. Scott

My first goal is to finish this book before the class starts. So far, I don't think that will be a problem!

The class will be meeting from 5 - 7:30pm for 5 Mondays: April 11 - May 9 at the Center for the Arts. For more information, send me an email or contact CWC: 307.733.7425