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Pathways Timeline


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Pathways Timeline

Jenny Dowd

Yesterday, in celebration of the 20th anniversary of Garaman Park, I was invited to create a chalk timeline to depict the history of Pathways through Jackson Hole. This park is a nice stop along the 49 miles of pathways through Teton County. With access to Flat Creek, a picnic pavilion and open grassy space; Garaman park is a peaceful and open space tucked between neighborhoods. 

It's been rainy lately in Wyoming, so this was a risky project. Once the pathway dried off, I got to work marking out the timeline- from 1991 to 2017. I worked all afternoon to write the highlights from each year and added in some graphic elements to illustrate the story.

With large grey clouds looming, I focused on the process- legible handwriting, interesting and simple graphics. I learned a lot about the history of Pathways and all the elements and work that have made these areas possible.

And then the rain came... I didn't take any photos of my work before this point yet I was surprised at how the chalk held up! 

Projects don't always go as planned, but there is always something to be gained. 

The anniversary celebration was from 4 - 7 and was well attended. The chalk timeline was just one element during the evening and was a great way to invite people to walk the years of work behind Pathways projects. A lot of people experienced the timeline while I was working on it and also before the rain washed it away.