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Artist Trade


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Artist Trade

Jenny Dowd

This week I got a very happy box in the mail! Just when I thought the winter blues couldn't get any bluer, a friend and I decided to do an art trade.

I sent her a box with a few treats, including this ceramic cupcake...

Then Savannah sent me a box with a pack of her awesome hand-lettered cards and my very own hand-stiched kitty! (Lars- loves Indian food, watching scary movies and telling bad jokes... he is going to fit right in to the Dowd House.) Currently, Lars is keeping me company while I'm working on some new ideas in my studio. 

Check out more of Savannah Brady's work at her Etsy Shop and on Facebook

This was the perfect pick-me-up! And an idea I'll remember for future gloomy winters (or whenevers.)

Now I have a Valentine's Box from my parents to savor, so I think I'm in good shape for awhile!