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Pottery in Action: Healthy Being Juicery

Jenny Dowd

For the past year I have been making pottery for Healthy Being Juicery in Jackson. The shop features my handmade mugs, bowls, teapots and cups with saucers along with cookbooks, teas, and snacks. My large salad bowls are also used in the cafe for serving beautiful, tasty, and nutritious salads.

I love seeing my pottery in action and I also enjoy the opportunity to create something specific to embrace the spirit of a store or restaurant. In each location the process and outcome is different, but each starts with a conversation. I love making items to compliment the healthy and delicious lifestyle the juicery promotes.

This Friday in celebration of Healthy Being Juicery's 5 Year Anniversary, they are throwing a party! Be sure to stop by for yummy treats, shopping deals, and say hi to their potter... me!

For more details, check out the Facebook invite!

Pottery in Action: Just Picked

Jenny Dowd

About this time of year I get a little itchy for the end of winter and start dreaming of summer and my garden. It's Wyoming, there are still a few more months of snow and then mud, so I'd better snap out of my pity-party soon.

To remind myself of what's to come I turned to the weekly web series, Cooking Through a CSA, launched by a friend last summer. Designed to inspire in the kitchen this beautiful series combines the bounty of local organic farms with on-site cooking.

A few of my plates as well as dishes made by Sam and many other local potters make an appearance as well. It feels good to be part of this farm to table circle. 

Check out this series with Chef and Host Eric Wilson and Co-founder Arden Oksanen, read more about their inspiration and watch the whole series at