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Make & Reuse

Jenny Dowd

I'm always looking for ways pottery can be helpful. 

Bronwyn, Director of Programs & Events at the Art Association, was looking for a way to provide reusable cups at gallery openings and events. Pottery ended up being part of the solution.

Jam jars solve the problem of trash (and cost) generated by throw-away drink cups, despite the extra work of washing, they feel great to hold and at the end of the night the trash cans are light. (If you are in Jackson and have jam or small jars that are not going to get filled with more deliciousness- bring them by the Art Association and put them to work!)

The another reusable option is something you can use and take home with you! I've been making small ceramic cups specifically for the gallery programs. During events the gallery offers the cups for $10- which we split, I see it as a small way I can help support the Art Association, and give a shout out to the ceramics program.

Since the clay studio is right next to the gallery it is always easy to find serving options for the snacks!


I was focused on seeing this idea put into action Friday night, I also enjoyed the artwork, but you'll have to stop by to see the annual Member's Show on your own as I didn't take any photos!

Kimchi Update

Jenny Dowd

Last week I started a batch of kimchi to test Sam's fermenting crock (check out last week's post for details.) After 5 days of semi-patiently waiting and looking at the crock sitting on the counter...

I took off the lid to find a delicious batch of spicy veggie kimchi! The crock worked well and also gave us ideas for design improvements. While this crock holds almost 2 quarts, I think a 1 quart capacity would be helpful. We also have new ideas for how to make the weights.

Whether you are just starting out or have been making kraut for years, let us know if you have any suggestions or ideas that would help your process, crock size, handles, width of top opening... Leave a note in the comments or send an email:

What's next? I'm branching out and will soon be starting a batch of Curried Cauliflower Pickles. I'm totally hooked. 


Around the House

Jenny Dowd

I always tell my ceramics students to try out their work. It's an easy way to learn how objects function and also make future improvements.

Often I am asked to make items that I normally do not use or in some cases, have not heard of. While I enjoy the challenge and research behind making new items, I feel a little uncomfortable making an untested form and sending it out into the world. I always ask for feedback, but also follow my own advice on testing.  

A few years ago we started getting requests for fermenting jars. I happily let Sam take on the research behind this form and he came up with some beautiful pots. Every time someone asks for these jars or we sell one, I get a little nervous. I know nothing about fermented foods. So I did some research and bought a cookbook: Ferment Your Vegetables

Yesterday I started a batch of kimchi and am testing out this small fermenting crock. In a week or so I'll let you know what happened...

The Garlic Keeper also started out as a request. I did a little research, made a cute little jar for a customer then just kept making more.

This jar helps garlic stay fresh longer thanks to holes that allow air to circulate. We use a lot of garlic, so when a jar came out of the kiln with a tiny crack in the bottom, I decided to put it to use. Not many things match in our kitchen, but I am also using one of my utensil holders- seen in the background of this photo.

Speaking of the kitchen, I looked around and found that I regularly use several of my pots. I made this stovetop spoon rest for my first apartment while in college. The soap dispenser was another form that I wanted to test before selling, and as a bonus the cute stars brighten up the sink area. 

Sam and I both make a lot of little bowls, we keep several in our kitchen for cooking prep as well as serving garnishes and dips. Most of our dishes were made by other potters, but I did recently keep 2 of my favorite form- an 8" salad bowl. These are perfect for so many meals.

I learn a lot from using my pots and the work of other potters. Plus it's a great excuse to use beautiful objects!